Meet Megs

Sometimes you just need a guide to tell you that there is a solution and help you find it. That is what my passion is – identifying challenges and finding solutions.

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My Intention for Ask Megs

  1. To provide each client with a sense of support. You do not have to navigate your challenge(s) by yourself. As your coach, it’s my job to support you and remind you that you are not alone!
  2. To help you find a solution and set a plan to reach your goal(s). One step at a time, we will work together to get you where you want to go.
  3. I work to empower my clients to live the life they dream of. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you’re stronger than you think. As your life coach, or business/career coach, I am your biggest cheerleader.

My Story

Hi! I’m Megan, a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, 500hr yoga therapy trained, marketing maven, and all-around problem solver!

I love helping people identify and solve the biggest challenges in their lives. With my background in analysis, I help my clients identify the real root of the issues they are facing, create an action plan, and empower them to conquer their dreams.

All too often people feel stuck and believe there are some issues that can never be solved. Other people feel bogged down and are struggling, but can’t identify what the real root of the problem is. That isn’t a criticism. That is real life and it is so, so common! I get it. It is HARD to face life’s most difficult problems. It is especially difficult to come up with a real, action-based solution.

I lived in that denial too. I spent years working in the corporate world spinning my wheels, feeling lost, and chasing approval I’d never get. The struggle to fit into these roles I was never meant for was so bad it caused me to get very sick and I ignored my problems until they forced me to notice them. Ultimately, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my journey to being a coach began. If you’re here now and ready to make a change then you’re probably already ahead of where I was.

On my road to wellness…

I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Health Coach. Holistic wellness was also a major part of my health journey and Yoga Therapy was a huge piece in helping me find balance. I combine these two certifications to customize a plan that fits your specific wants and needs. But all of this approach is useless without a real, in-depth study of the challenges in your life. This is often the most painful part but is most crucial to getting to a solution. With my background in data analysis, I can see patterns in behavior and study why your problems are manifesting in your life and can help structure a whole life solution – business, career, or life solutions.

No two people and no two problems are the same but these problems don’t exist in a vacuum. One problem may manifest and rear its head in several situations and sometimes what feels like the problem is only a symptom. For example, low energy might feel like the main trouble, but looking deeper the root cause is stress from overworking yourself at a job you don’t care for preventing you from sleeping well enough. Without digging deep and finding the root cause, no health or life coach can really fix the problems. Using my analytical skills, I work with you to dig to the root of an issue and come up with a whole life solution filled with actionable, realistic steps to put you on the path to living the life of your dreams.

At home,

I am a wife to a loving husband and a mama to 2 beautiful daughters, one who is an assertive, knows-what-she-wants, artist/mathemetician who also has Epilepsy, our youngest seems to be deeply skeptical but once she’s comfortable in a situation is quite the “Chatty Cathy”. We also have a cattle/pitbull mix dog named Humphrey who’s a total mama’s boy and afraid of almost everything (but shouldn’t be). Together we live in sunny Southern California but dream of rainy Seattle days. I’m fiercely competitive which allowed me to dance professionally as a teen and young adult. It also pushed me to compete in, and not come in last place, a dry-triathlon with a week’s worth of training and to show up every Sunday as a mediocre soccer player for a co-ed team named “Game of Throw-Ins”.

Next Steps…

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