5 simple ways to start reaching your goals today

So, you have your sights set on a new exciting goal! Now what?

Have you ever set your sights for success but never actually achieved the results you wanted? Of course, you have! We all have. In fact, 80% of all New Year's resolutions are abandoned by February. That's pretty crazy, right? And also insanely relatable đŸ˜‰

Goals fail for a number of reasons. They may be unrealistic, not specific enough, too broad, etc. The great thing about YOU though is that because you're ready to set a goal, the only thing we need to do is establish a framework to help you get there!

Here are 5 simple ways to start accomplishing your goals today!

1. Set a strong foundation

There are many different approaches to setting goals. You can set SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-driven

You can set HARD goals:

  • Heartfelt (emotional attachment)
  • Animated (visual representation of your goal)
  • Required (a sense of urgency)
  • Difficult (they push you out of your comfort zone)

Starting with HARD goals and layering on the SMART components is a great approach. It gives you clear deliverables but keeps the emotional drive front and center.

2. Determine your mile markers

If it was so easy to go from point A to Z, you wouldn't have to set the goal in the first place. You'd simply do it, and it'd be done. One of the biggest mistakes my clients make is that they bite off more than they can chew and try to skip steps B-Y. But doing that, cutting corners, won't get you the results you want.

So, break them down into bite-sized pieces! Doing so will also give you frequent micro-wins that could help to keep you motivated along the way (don't forget to celebrate them, too!). Just like your main goal, these should also follow the SMART framework outlined above.

3. Determine how you will handle set backs

Have you ever set a weight loss goal for yourself only to be completely derailed because you "cheated"? Given the fact that 95% of all diets fail, the answer is probably, "Yes".

Deviations from your plan are going to happen because you are HUMAN. The important thing is how you recover.

When you mess up, do you quit? Or do you get back to it? And if you choose to keep at it, what steps are you taking to recover? What steps are you taking to avoid that roadblock in the future? And finally, how are you going to remind yourself of these measures when you're in the thick of it?

4. Reflection is key!

Things don't typically improve if you don't evaluate their performance. In my opinion, reflection should include a healthy mix of celebration and pinpointing how things could be better.

Consider the following questions:

  • What did I do well today/this week/this month?
  • What am I proud of today/this week/this month?
  • What can I do today/this week/this month that will get me closer to my goal?
  • What are efforts are causing me more harm than good? How can I adjust them to be beneficial to me.

5. Let people know what you're doing

I know sometimes when we set big goals for ourselves our inclination is to keep it secret. We keep it secret probably because there are two things at play here:

  1. Our limiting beliefs make it very challenging for us to believe that we can actually reach this goal, or that we deserve the new version of ourselves.
  2. The thought that someone else might know if we fail is soul-crushing, right? The shame that comes with failure is intense enough as it is, but to have someone we know witness it takes that to another level.

Well, you have to get over it because the fact is that accountability works. In fact, people are something like 65% likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. So, set yourself up for success and find an accountability buddy! This is a great area that a coach can help you with - keeping you accountable without judgement and helping you adjust course when needed.

To wrap it all up...

I have warm and fuzzy feelings when it comes to goals because they feel like hope becoming reality! Far too many goals die because of a lack of planning. So, put these tools to use and get excited because you are about to crush some goals!

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