Are you multi-passionate? Here’s how to tell!

Multi-Passionates have Superpowers; Are you one? Find out now!

The term “multi-passionate” may be self-explanatory and familiar for some, but for many, this blog may be the first time you’ve heard it! So what the heck is a multi-passionate person?

You might be a multi-passionate person if:

  • You have many interests and talents
  • Conventional careers never feel quite “right”
  • You easily have 100+ ideas you want to try right now!
  • Picking just one thing feels like death by 1M paper cuts
  • You are a master problem solver
  • You have a long list of hobbies, interests, and other things that light you up!

If you’re nodding your head, if this resonates with you, if this feels like an illuminating list, then you are a multi-passionate person! And you have a super-power! The power to view the world as your oyster. You have a unique gift that can turn any spark into an opportunity. Pretty amazing, huh?

But have you ever felt the paralysis that comes with choice overload? Choice overload is when you have so many options in front of you that you have difficulty making a choice at all. And that, my friend, leads to stress, problematic decision-making, or avoidance. Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Choice Overload🙋‍♀️. Think of a time when you had so many beautiful opportunities that you didn't take action on any of them. 

In all seriousness, because you view the world as your oyster, and you have so many creative ideas to explore, you may spend more time visiting your options versus nurturing ideas to take root. You may also feel overwhelmed by the volume of inspiration you download daily.  So, how can you manage this beautiful gift you have and accomplish your goals?

First things first!

Because you are constantly receiving inspired ideas that you could take and run with, I always encourage my multi-passionate clients to consider the following questions to first determine if this idea is something they truly want to go after.

  1. Consider the circumstances from which your inspiration is growing. Is this idea coming from a place of desperation or a place of abundance? Are you desperate to get out of your job? Or are you excited to add a second source of income to your current income streams? Think of a time when you made a decision out of desperation and a time when you made a decision from a place of abundance. Consider the outcomes.
  2. Consider how this idea supports your nonnegotiables. Let’s say for example you have a non-negotiable that you will not work on weekends. Perhaps starting an event production company isn’t the best idea for you to pursue right now. Have you ever started a new endeavor that was not aligned with your needs? 

Ok, now to the good stuff.

How do you get anything accomplished as a multi-passionate person? 

  1. Clarify your goal. Are you working towards one goal or multiple goals? This is important because if you focus on one, you will achieve it quicker than if you were to work towards multiple goals. However, that does require you, as a multi-passionate person, to commit to ONE thing until it’s done or you have realized it doesn’t align with your needs. Committing to multiple goals at the same time will extend your timeline. Deciding this will help you set expectations for yourself and that is so important!
  2. Take some action! So we multi-passionates can sometimes be paralyzed by choice overload. BUT here’s the thing, action breeds confidence. So, when you are feeling overwhelmed, just take one step forward! 
  3. Schedule seasons of focus. You have to give your pursuits time to take root and grow. This does require commitment which means intentionally putting some ideas in your “parking lot” for future consideration.
  4. Don’t be afraid to pivot. Look, just because you commit to something doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind! Yes, I ask you to give your pursuits time to root and develop. BUT when you have invested enough of yourself to really understand the outcome of your choices, it’s okay to shift, evolve, and even make a u-turn. 
  5. Enjoy the variety!

At the end of the day...

If you are a multi-passionate person, you have been gifted with the ability to view the world through a very special pair of lenses. You wear lenses that filter the world through the shade of opportunity! That’s pretty cool, huh? And for those of you who I fondly call my Fiercely Focused friends, you have your own strengths (and we’ll unpack those one day 😊).

Cheering you on!


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